Let’s talk about mental health

Mental health is in need of a voice to speak out from its shallow isolation. We have the must to step out of its black and white enclosure. This caged up topic is viewed by many as one of shame. Just because it is not a physical issue, we mustn’t avoid such matter. Just because society fabricates it as an ‘attention-seeking’, melodramatic façade, we mustn’t listen to these morons of the world. Instead, our insights into mental health can only be achieved with a sense of respect and true honesty when we are opened up to or when we open up.

Mental health is not something we can eradicate completely. It isn’t a mistake in the body system which we can fix with simply a Band-Aid, thinking that mitosis can do its job by producing new cells to replace those ‘impacted’ by ‘negatives’. It is not something we have control of. It is not something we have the intention of seeking attention. We are human beings, impacted directly or even indirectly by the horrors of this disease, which many are still scared to voice about.

We do have the potential to speak pass the barriers society often builds. We do have the potential to step out from the shadows, to step out from the isolation that we might fall into. This can only be achieved if we have awareness. We have a voice. Mental health should not be a factor that interferes with one’s beauty. It should not define you. Yes, you may have a mental health issue but those voices in the back of your mind can be released. You are a volcano, capable of unleashing the energy that is being hauled back by society, by a lack of help. Help can achieved by awareness, by voice. Your mental health may distort your image of perfection but if you reach out and if we reach out to you, your mental health can be conquered. The scars you carry because of your mental health makes you beautiful. You are beautiful. You have the strength and courage to conquer those mental demons.

However, if we were to have everyone believing in who they are, we have to voice our opinions first. We have to accept EACH and EVERY voice. We need change and the only way to achieve change in the stigma that is associated with mental health, is awareness.

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