To all people-pleasers:

Making someone happy doesn’t necessarily make you happy.

Being happy is to be of self-appreciation and love for being who you are. I will be honest with you but I am a PEOPLE-PLEASER and to see somebody smile, as of what I have done, gives me the satisfaction to know others are thankful because of me.

As a people-pleaser, we would be guilty of not being able to make others happy. As people-pleasers, we are overwhelmed by the fear of what others will think of us if we make them annoyed or angry or if we do something wrong. We want to help others for their best and ensure that all daily duties are carried out to perfection. We have that fear of rejection, thinking that others will ignore us if we don’t help them or say yes to their favours. What people-pleasers don’t realise is that they do have a choice. You are allowed to choose for your own benefit and your happiness should not be defined by what others think of us. We should be happy because of our achievements but our happiness should not be perceived as means of making others satisfied.

So, learn to say NO. Say no to people who trigger your stress. SAY NO if you don’t have the time to do something for someone else. SAY NO if you are feeling uncomfortable carrying out others favours. It gives you the empowerment to achieve what YOU want to fulfill in your bridge to HAPPINESS.

Raise your voice. Be proud of who you are. The choices you make should be made in the comfort of your mind and heart, and not the will of others, if they are pressuring you in the wrong direction of your happiness. Live your life in such a way that you are morally driven; take risks, here and there but, ultimately, by knowing both the good and bad, we become stronger, more matured individuals at the final step to our happiness.

Don’t let that shine fade.


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