You know, introverts are cool too

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Honestly, over these past 17 years of my existence, I have felt locked in my prison of negative thoughts. I feel so hopeless about my shyness and the fact that I have no desire to be too social, in any way, my identity has gone through some mood swings in order to ‘fit in’. Being an introvert does not mean you have an attitude problem, as some have spoken about my failure to interact more with the ‘cool kids’. Being an introvert is purely an aspect of who you are and your personality should not be changed, regardless of what the ‘cool kids’ say. You don’t have to be loud and outgoing, popular and social, in life.

The lovely words of Dr Seuss, in the quote above, are what I stick by, as my moral compass, and I urge you to do the same. Your social life may not be as ‘exciting’ and ‘enthusiastic’ as an extrovert but that does not mean your worth doesn’t matter. This taste of your introverted personality is what makes you unique and different from others. Introverts, for one thing, are great listeners and to be one as a constant motivator and support in someone’s life, is sign of your respect and understanding for their perspectives on various matters. Your worth means so much more than just your social life and there is nothing wrong to be in a deep thoughtful trance. Solitude is a way of learning and appreciating your innate self. Once we start to recognise our strengths, rather than flaws, as an introvert, we gain that self-satisfaction of independence and freedom. If you want space to think, don’t give a damn what others say and use this as means of your happiness. If taking your time alone is your happiness, just stick by it because those who really love you, will not degrade your introverted soul.

By all means, however, being extroverted, or even in the between, is completely fine. As long as you are doing your thing and enjoying life through self-acceptance and freedom, just be you and embrace that wondrous personality of yours. If you are quirky and talkative, you are more than welcome to be who you are because we want that balance in our community. If everyone was the same, life would be boring and to have a mixture of different personalities creates that balance in order to live with unity and acceptance, rather than monotony.


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