Love Yourself

When it comes to achieving your happiness in life, the first and most crucial step I urge would be to love yourself. Loving yourself, before placing your heart into others’, means that you are respectful to yourself and you have the ability to recognise your inner goodness and light. Your light symbolises who you are and to love yourself means that you have accepted the light inside, releasing any form of shadow that inflicts negativism.

Negativism, as I have mentioned in my other posts, is the constant voice in our heads that perpetuate the feeling of being worthless. Your worth is limitless. It is infinite. You are worthy of all the goodness life gives through love, education, health, family and friends and even job prospects. You are more than capable to achieve your goals and ambitions but one can only fulfill this when you have fully accepted self-love.

When you love someone, you have this radiation of excitement and joy which remains in your stomach as a swarm of butterflies. This love for someone can only be temporary when you don’t have the capacity to love yourself. Do you agree?

When you love yourself first, then can you have a permanent sense of happiness for that person, be it your partner, mother, friend or uncle. If someone hurts you, in any way that rubs negativism into your mind, you can then have the ability to strengthen and overcome the words that were used against you; simply because you have accepted to love yourself.

So, my advice to you all, when it comes to your happiness, is to go love yourself. Remind yourself of your worth, your capability, your energy and potential to achieve great things in life. Remind yourself that you are not a worthless mess, you are a hot mess because nobody can take a warrior’s shield without permission.



2 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. This is so true – This love for someone can only be temporary when you don’t have the capacity to love yourself.
    It is something I am currently experiencing – not being true to myself and loving and knowing what all of the things are i love about who I am – therefore it affects every relationship because its always temporary and then it dies out…. great post.

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    1. You are worth more than a million galaxies. Stay strong and know that we are all in this journey to self-love. Remember that it will take time to heal and recover from the negatives but ultimately, you will reach self-happiness. Thank you so much for reading and I know that you WILL stay true to yourself. I know that you WILL find happiness with others once you learn to accept the spark you have inside. Don’t give up self-love, warrior. xx

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