Happiness 101: Relationships

We cry. We learn. We forgive. We move on. We discover who we are through our personal connections with the people we are drawn to.

Relationships come and go. Some stay and those that do are what makes us want to get up in the morning and carry on with daily struggles, regardless of the effort it takes us. These moments of love, bound by trust and understanding, is what molds our perspective on life and are the catalysts in our journey of maturation.

However, relationships should not be the defining factor of your identity. Yes, they educate us about the human experience on love but the fact that you have gone through a relationship break up, does not mean it should degrade your identity and happiness.

There’s so much more to life than just personal regrets on relationships. Your family and friends. Your education. Your travels around the globe.

Every step we take in life is to be of full experience: to live with enthusiasm, challenge and acceptance of flaws. Erase the people in your past who have sneered and mocked you and continue to strut your walk with confidence.

Your happiness shouldn’t be degraded by past jerks.

Stay strong, wonderful warrior.



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