Thinspo? We’re perfect without it.

What angers me the most when I am on the internet is the never ending streams of ‘Thinspiration’ posts. Post after post, users, who deem themselves as ‘writers’, are using slogans and ‘inspirational’ quotes about being skinny. Why do such ‘writers’ use their words to abuse our body image with the notion that ‘thinness’ is our goal to be happy in life?

I had actually, only a couple of days ago, come across several blogs that promoted ‘thinspiration’. I was appalled to read poetry on the notion of striving towards thinness and how this mentality is perceived to be healthy. Then, I came across images after images, of girls with their faces hidden but the bones of their skin shown to viewers. We cannot see the faces of these models. We cannot read the emotions off their faces. Only their bodies  matters to Thinspiration; not how they feel, not how they live their lives.

This objectification of the female body does not give me the security Thinspiration seeks to give, to promote that ‘thinness’ is equal to our happiness. Rather, it gives me a sickening feeling of disgust.

Our body image should be of self-love, gratitude and pure comfort. We should be accepting of the body we have, regardless of what shape we are. No matter your size, you are beautiful and, whatever Thinspiration writers believe, should not be enforced into our minds. Because, they don’t bring the same inspiration as other blogs about health and fitness, which aim for building a happier life based on nutrition and active lifestyle, do.

They are internet hurdles we need to overcome and refrain from.

Do you really think that by starving yourself in order to achieve whatever the images portray, will make you healthy? Will it make you happy? It didn’t make me happyDon’t you feel overwhelmed with fatigue and that constant feeling of body-hate?

Don’t strive for what Thinspiration writers present. In fact, I believe that these are not writers. True writers use their words to provide us with their different perspectives and inspire. Thinspiration writers don’t inspire. They fill us with negativism. We start to indulge in bitter musings towards our body image. What we see from Thinspiration writers is one message: Be thin and you will be healthy.

Thinspo? Nah, more like take-me-out-for-pizza-po.

Don’t let your shine fade away, warrior.

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