Why we all need a bit of sass.

Sass (n.)

Your body’s defense when dealing with the rudeness and stupidity of others.

Sometimes you can’t help but let your sass out. It is, as the definition states above, a way to say, “I have enough of your crap”, if you ever encounter someone who just doesn’t understand that there can be more than one opinion.

To some people, being sassy or sarcastic can be a big turn off. However, I have come to acceptance that we need to (and WE SHOULD) embrace our tiny quirks. It’s the little things of our personality that makes us different and unique. I have been told that I have an attitude problem, at times, but my personality cannot be changed, regardless of what others think of me.

To show someone, who clearly has no idea what it means to be you, a taste of your colourful language, means that you are confident in your skin. In other words, you should be comfortable with your personality quirks. If you are sassy, bring out that sass. If you are sarcastic, bring out that sarcasm. If you are funny, bring out those jokes. I urge you to simply bring out your personality quirks because being afraid of what others will think of you, if you don’t reveal your true self, means that you are locking your identity away.

Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of sass in their lives?

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