Let’s kick negativism away

Positivism doesn’t come to our minds in one go and stay there. It takes time to gradually let go of any anxieties we have with ourselves and accept our new bridge to happiness. In fact, reaching our internal happiness can be somewhat of a hurdle, which everyone goes through, at some point in their lives. However, the most difficult part to our road to positivity is acceptance.

Acceptance of our body image. Acceptance of our identity. Acceptance of our negatives, our flaws.

So, today, since it is the first day of the new season, I challenge you to start fresh in your journey to YOUR happiness, if you are struggling to find YOUR acceptance in ‘who you are’. I challenge you to kick negativism away by treating yourself in these three ways:

  • “I am smart. I am beautiful. I am confident.”

Remind yourself that you are all of the words above daily. You are intelligent and beautiful in your own ways. To be confident in YOUR skin means that you are comfortable with YOUR identity. Embracing every aspect of your identity is equal to YOUR happiness.

  • Wear a statement piece

I dare you to wear something that makes you stand out. Something that you are comfortable with and allows you to show that the person you present to the world is truly yourself. Don’t hide your identity under clothes that doesn’t show your true personality.

  • Have fun

Sometimes life can be a mess. When you shut yourself within a shroud of negative thoughts, you cannot see that there is so much light in this world that is yet to be found. In other words, I urge you to ignore that constant negativity in your mind by enjoying a new hobby or playing scrabble with friends or volunteering at the homeless shelter or simply laughing over ridiculous things. So, don’t coop yourself in the shadows and go out, once in a while. It’s never too late to be running around in the playground.

Don’t let that shine fade, warrior.




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