When life is a total mess.

Stress (n.)

When life is a total mess.

We have all been there, at some point in our lives. A pestering emotional migraine that never seems to go away and, no matter how hard we try, this causes us to inflict our distress onto others. Stress is such a havoc to have in life. Sometimes one can feel quite helpless and numb, unable to mentally cooperate with daily jobs. Whether it may be due to an illness or a loved one’s passing or school exams or even home loans, stress can come in different ways but the hardest part is to let go of it. Letting go of our anxieties with life is not something we can complete all together because we cannot always avoid them. However, we CAN face these stressful circumstances without the negatives and, instead, a clearer mindset.

In this post, I thought of sharing ways you can eliminate stress gradually, without having such tension to overwhelm you even further. Also, shout out to one of my close friends, who actually prompted me to share my thoughts on stress: this is dedicated to you.

  • Speak to someone

Let out your emotions with a person you can trust. Cry your heart out as well because having those thoughts locked up, inside, could lead to an unhealthy mindset, one of constant worrying. Personally, I found that speaking to someone, such as my mother, was most helpful when it came to accepting my uncle’s death and releasing the emotional strain that accompanied it.

  • Ride your bike in the park

Take your time indulging in the peaceful and quiet environment. By sinking your mind within the tranquility, you can clear your mind from life’s mess and simply enjoy the simplicity of the trees, the birds overhead or any other aspects we take for granted.

  • Read

Choose a novel or any other form of literature that is available to you and read outside, under the sun and in the cool breeze. Reading can truly create a more positive mindset and, quite frankly, it can be way of releasing that stress onto certain book characters, rather than those who are not ‘fictional’. Also, try experimenting with different scenarios, whilst reading: a café, the local library, your study room, on the bed.

  • Cook your favourite meal

Whenever my father is stressed, what he would do is take out the saucepan and chuck in some vegetables, and his beloved buckwheat noodles (trust me, it was yummalicious), to make the ultimate lunch. Not everyone knows how to cook but by starting a simple dish, as is the case of my father’s favourite meal, one can respect the beauty of having such hobby as means of letting go of stress. Try out a roast dinner, baked pumpkin and potatoes with gravy, for instance.

Stress is not something you can totally ignore but by taking your mind off it can allow you to conquer whatever circumstance that enforced such mental strain.

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