Road to recovery

Over these past five years of feeling trapped by my eating disorder and anxieties to do with body image, I have slowly opened up to my friends, my family and, now, the internet. There would be numerous times I would start contemplating about my existence because I was so consumed by the voices in my head, telling me to lose weight and that I had no potential in life to become a doctor or anything. I would look at myself, in the mirror, and question why I was still alive.

Recently, I have shared my personal story with mental health with a few of my close friends and, in doing so, I have accepted that my journey to recovery will be a slow one. I am more than grateful to have such a warm environment that accepts me and my eating disorder. By willingly sharing my stories to those who mean the  world to me, including everyone on the internet, I essentially want this blog to be an additional support for your road to infinite happiness. In a way, I would like to return my gift to other bloggers as a ‘thank you’ message. Thank you for allowing me to finally step into my road to recovery. Thank you for being the light in my life when I am feeling simply helpless and lone.

It will take time to ignore the negatives in your head, completely. However, each step you take will be symbolic because no matter how small it is, it will be a step closer to finally loving yourself.

Ultimately, I also wish to share my perspective on areas such as fitness, food, education and general global issues.

So, to conclude this post, here are three quick tips to begin your journey to self-love:

  • Ditch the scale

Dreading the number on the scale? The first step I would do to achieve YOUR happiness is to get rid of the scale. Remember, your weight DOES NOT define the person you are. What matters is the soul you have on the INSIDE. Though, I will be honest with you but I still have not ditched the scale. I will continuously weigh my self, daily. However, that does not mean it is the right thing to do. I was personally told by my good friend, today, that the first step to in anyone’s recovery, is to remove the scale from your reach.

  • Remove yourself from sites on the internet that triggers your poor body image

I hate to admit that the internet can be a place for me to scan pages and pages of models with perfect skin, perfect legs, perfect hair and basically everything ‘perfect’. As I have said in my previous posts, being perfect does not mean to have the model look as the media portrays. Rather, it means to be the person you are on the inside. You are perfect in your own unique way and DO NOT let the internet persuade you into thinking that a certain appearance equals your happiness. BECAUSE every one is beautiful. You don’t need silky tresses or sun-kissed skin. By all means, you can, but don’t think that this is what YOU need to achieve in order for your HAPPINESS.

  • Put your emotions onto the paper

If you don’t know how to let go of the negatives, try writing out your feelings and thoughts onto the paper. Start a journal. I remember starting a word document, a couple of years ago, that I had used to bring out my stress and anxieties with body image. Now, I am letting out my emotions through this blog.

Don’t let that shine fade, warrior.



7 thoughts on “Road to recovery

  1. Congratulations and well done! I have also struggled with my weight since I was a child, but I accepted my self as being who I was. I was never going to be skinny ( no one from my mums side was smaller than a size 14 -a 12 at their best -and from my dad’s I was typically like my grandma – stout.

    I became an introvert, and thrived at it. Became good with my studies, and at what I did best at school, and took up activities that would not focus on body types ( like martial arts).

    As i grew older, other things began to take up my focus. My weight never bothered me – getting through college ( being popular because i developed a pleasant nature and everyone loved me), getting a job and working hard and smart at it…and before I knew it, I was in my 30s.

    So, love yourself. The world is a beautiful place and no specific body type is allowed/denied a visa to enjoy it. You are more than your body or your weight. You have a beautiful persona, u are loving and you are caring and tou deserve to be happy and soar like the eagle.

    If you do chose to peg your happiness to societal standards of ” beauty” then you will never be happy.

    Try instead to be ” healthy”. Honor your body. Get to know what foods are good for you, ditch what is bad ( allow yourself a treat once in a while), do some activity be it just a walk in the park. Be one with nature…

    Keep going… you will be ok

    And do not forget to smile!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely lovely words! They truly mean a lot to me and the fact that you took time to read my post is something I am so grateful of. Thank you once again for your beautiful words. You have lightened my day (well, night over in Australia)! I am honored to hear your personal struggle with body image and please continue to spread your heart-warming words of advice, because every ounce of positivity counts. I seriously am so happy to read your message and I truly truly believe that you are beautiful, inside and out. Let’s kick negativism away from our mind! 🙂

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      1. You are most welcome my dear. I was also in Sydney a couple of years ago. You are blessed with parks and beaches. All the best. I look forward to hearing more about your journey

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing!! Keep going, keep writing, and keep inspiring. Recovery sucks and is hard but living daily with ED is even worse. Thank you and wishing you all the best and look forward to reading more! (:

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    1. I truly truly appreciate your beautiful words! They brought a smile to my face and I am so thankful for your warmth and understanding. You’re a warrior, remember that. Thank YOU for reading. x


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